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Trade unionism: it’s about more than administering a collective agreement!

27 September, 2013The subject of organizing was on the agenda of a workshop for trade union leaders from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean this week.

21 participants from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua y the Dominican Republic participated in a workshop held in Mexico City on 23 and 24 September 2013.

The workshop, organized by IndustriALL Global Union with the support of the FES, examined organizing methods and principles. Facilitated by Jeff Hermanson, the seminar looked at ways of winning majority support in an anti-union environment. Through exchanges of concrete experiences, the participants delved into challenges faced, campaigns won and lessons learned in their different countries and different sectors.

The workshop, which is part of a series of FES workshops carried out in different continents, is in line with one of the major planks of IndustriALL’s action plan regarding strengthening union power through membership growth and the development of strong, independent, representative and sustainable trade unions.

The participants also took the opportunity of their stay in Mexico City to express their solidarity with striking teachers. Addressing the teachers at their encampment at the Plaza de la Revolución, Assistant General Secretary Fernando Lopes told them their struggle against reforms was fair and important.