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Turkey: Fired for wanting to form a union

16 November, 2016Seven workers were dismissed on 13 November after trying to form a union at Günsan Elektrik, owned by Schneider Electric, in Turkey.

IndustriALL Global Union affiliate Birleşik Metal İş have members at several Schneider factories in Turkey.

After organizing members at Günsan Elektrik plant, the union applied to the Turkish Ministry of Labour for what is called a Majority Certificate in order to form a workplace union.

Management’s response when they found out was to unceremoniously sack seven of the workers leading the organizing efforts. The anti-union practices are continuing, with management having one-on-one conversations with workers whether they have joined a union or not.

IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches says that the company’s interference in union’s affairs, the unlawful dismissals and harassments of workers must end immediately.

We urge Schneider Electric to intervene and call on Günsan Elektrik to reinstate the seven workers, respect the right of workers to choose the union of their choice and engage in an honest and constructive dialogue with Birlesik Metal-İs.