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Ugandan unions commit to unity

28 November, 2013At a ceremony in Kampala on November 28, IndustriALL Global Union's four affiliates signed a memorandum of understanding on unity and cooperation.

The General Secretaries of the four IndustriALL affiiliates in Uganda, NUCCPTE, UTGLAWU, UMMOGAWU and UCPAWU were joined by the General Secretary of UHFTAWU, which has applied for affiliation, in signing a memorandum of understanding. The agreement aims to create increased cooperation and unity by means of joint action. The signing of the MoU was witnessed by IndustriALL representatives from the sub-Saharan Regional Office and the Head Office.

The cooperation will be known as the IndustriALL National Coordinating Council in Uganda (INCC-U). Several areas are identified for cooperation, with organising and recruitment as the number one objective. The unions also agree to cooperate on negotiation of collective agreements, training and capacity building, agitating for the rights of workers, grievance handling and dispute settlement, as well as working together on local and international policy campaigns such as a precarious work campaign launched in October.

While maintaining their independence and autonomy, the unions that are party to the agreement agree to develop and implement joint actions in all the identified areas of cooperation. A Management Committee comprising two officers from each of the signatory unions will meet at least four times a year to plan and oversee the operations of the programs and activities of the INCC-U. A Technical Working Committee comprising three members of the Management Committee will meet more often to deal with communication and implementing activities, and a Finance Committee comprising all General Secretaries will manage the finances and bank account.