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Ukraine needs a peaceful way-out

6 March, 2014Signs of frustration and despair are growing in the east of Europe; the entire population of a 45 million people country has been dragged into a series of divisive political conflicts. IndustriALL Global Union strongly believes in a route to peace and security in Ukraine without using weapons.

IndustriALL Global Union’s affiliates in Ukraine report that the situation changes from bad to worse. The country faced political instability, which resulted in the deaths of more than 100 and over 500 injured people at Kiev’s famous Maidan square. Now the mass media are drenched with reports and different views about continued escalation of the situation around Crimea bringing a potential danger for further division in this country.
In these difficult times IndustriALL Global Union expresses, together with its worldwide family, deep solidarity with its Ukrainian affiliated-trade union organizations, who by all means are trying to prevent further escalation of conflicts. IndustriALL supports all those who find solutions that aim at keeping peace and stability for ordinary workers and their families.
There is a high risk that in wrangles between different groupings both inside and outside the country the economic achievements of Ukrainian workers will be victimized. This is why, IndustriALL Global Union is supporting peace and integrity in Ukraine, however the price for it should not be the deterioration of working and living conditions of the people of labour.
IndustriALL Global Union appeals to the Ukrainian authorities demanding them to wage all their efforts in order to maintain and improve living standards, and not to allow the impoverishment of workers and their families in Ukraine.