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Union busting at Tainan Enterprises Indonesia

11 July, 2022Despite attempts from IndustriALL Global Union, PT Tainan Enterprises Indonesia, who produce clothes for GAP, Ann Taylor and Macy among others, are refusing to reinstate union leaders fired last year for forming a local union.

When IndustriALL affiliate Garteks formed a factory-level union at the company's factory in North Jakarta in August last year, union president Ahmad Faisal, vice president Tulam and vice secretary Hendra Radista were dismissed on the pretext of refusing to transfer to a different factory.
Disregarding IndustriALL’s outreach to solve the situation, Tainan Enterprises Indonesia has instead escalated the conflict with the union.
Under intense pressure, the union secretary Edison was forced to resign from Garteks and join a yellow union. The union treasurer Ibran Susan was forced to resign from his job. The deputy union secretary Sriwahyuni was transferred from North Jakarta, and union member Undi Cahyadi was demoted. In May, the company dismissed vice union secretary Rahmawati.
The union busting runs deep. During the engagement with IndustriALL, Tainan Enterprises Indonesia concealed the recommendation given by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower on 24 December 2021 that the three Garteks union leaders should be reinstated.

“Acting on good will, Ahmad Faisal, Tulam and Hendra Radista signed a settlement agreement with the company in February, accepting severance pay on the condition that the company stop union busting. And yet management has continued to persecute union members. It is unethical and must stop, and all unionists must be reinstated,”

says Garteks general secretary Trisnur Priyanto.
IndustriALL general secretary Atle Høie says:

"We urge the company stop deceiving Garteks’ members and stop violating national law in place to protect workers from anti-union discrimination. Tainan Enterprises Indonesia should adhere to the Ministry of Manpower’s recommendation and reinstate all Garteks members with back pay and seniority."

Photo: Overhead of a garment factory in Indonesia, ©ILO