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Union leaders announce commitments to fight against climate change

22 May, 2014At the ITUC congress in Berlin, more than 50 unions representing millions of workers signed up for the Unions4Climate action. This call for climate justice signals the start of a global mobilisation for a climate deal in Paris in 2015.

Unions are taking part in the unions4climate action by mobilising to ensure ambitious commitments from governments, engaging in dialogue to plan for industrial transformation and secure Just Transition measures and organise workers in "sustainable" jobs to ensure decent work and union growth.

ITUC research shows that 48 million new jobs could be created in just 12 countries. In Germany up to 400,000 new renewable energy jobs have been created in just two years.

IndustriALL Director of Sustainability Brian Kohler, says that climate change risks everything the labour movement has ever stood for.

The same people that try to avoid action on climate change have repressed workers for decades. A Just Transition into greener jobs is the key to unlock the door to a sustainable future.

The 3rd ITUC World Congress in Berlin dedicated a new award for Union Action for Climate Justice in memory of Dorje Khatri, leader of his Sherpas’ Union and Vice-President of IndustriALL affiliate GEFONT. The annual award will be announced by the ITUC General Council.

Dorje Khartri, a great climate warrior who planted the IndustriALL flag on the top of Mount Everest, died in a tragic accident at work on the giant mountain.

People can show support and join the movement for climate action: http://act.equaltimes.org/unions4climate