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Union victory at MAS-DAF

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30 August, 2012Birlesik Metal-Is achieved a victory in the long running dispute at MAS-DAF with a court decision on 15 June stating that the dismissal of 104 Birlesik Metal-Is members in April 2011 was unjustified.

In April 2011, 110 members of Birlesik Metal-Is at the MAS-DAF Makina Sanayi factory were fired (link to previous story: http://www.imfmetal.org/index.cfm?c=26566&l=2) just months after he company attempted to undermine union organizing efforts in 2010.
The judgment in response to Birlesik Metal-Is’ petition to the court, nullifies the employer’s decision to terminate contracts without any compensation, and instructs the management to reinstate the dismissed workers and pay extra compensation.
Kemal Özkan, IndustriALL Global Union’s Assistant General Secretary, said: “These exemplary struggles by Birlesik Metal-Is show that even though labour legislation is not in favour of workers and trade unions, genuine union fights, coupled with international solidarity, creates victories which we cordially salute.”