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Unions are taking action to STOP Precarious Work

20 September, 2012Globally unions are mobilizing to STOP Precarious work. In Indonesia, Mauritius, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, Germany, Thailand, Philippines, Colombia, South Africa and many other countries, unions are telling IndustriALL Global Union how they plan to mobilize their members against this tide.

In Indonesia IndustriALL’s affiliates together three confederations, KSPI, KSBSI and KSPSI will mount an extensive national strike to stop outsourcing and fight against low wages from 25 September to 15 October, including a major rally on 3 October.

In Mauritius, since the promulgation of two new labour laws in February 2009,  private sector workers have seen their acquired rights put at risk. The CMCTEU, together with its confederation the CTSP, will hold a Mass Demonstration on Sunday 7 October. Workers and their families have been invited to participate.

In Germany, the IG BCE will join the planned actions of the confederation DGB in a one day conference on 7 October in Berlin to raise awareness on issues including fighting precarious work and trade union rights violations.

In South Africa, Colombia, Thailand and the Philippines, more actions are planned in conjunction with other activities and will be reported on the IndustriALL website. Slovak and Hungarian unions are planning to organize a joint meeting on the issue of precarious work around 7 October close to the Hungarian border.

There are no limits on the forms of action that you and your union can take on or around 7 October to support the global fight against precarious work. Actions could include street protests, seminars, membership meetings, press conferences, public meetings, rallies, workplace actions, letter writing campaigns and delegations to governments.

Share your actions with IndustriALL by emailing us at [email protected] or through our STOP Precarious Work Cause page. Follow IndustriALL on twitter and tweet using the #STOPprecariouswork hashtag and IndustriALL will retweet your actions and photos. Posters and leaflets are available in different languages here.