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Unions celebrate women’s courage and determination


13 March, 2015On this International Women’s Day 2015 from Austria to Zimbabwe trade unions have gone out to celebrate women’s achievements and to make new demands.

Women gathered in India, Pakistan and Bangaldesh to pay tribute to their achievements and demonstrate for their rights.

IndustriALL’s Asia-Pacific region called for maternity protection to be the slogan for this year’s 8 March activies. Affiliates in Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Myanmar rallied to the call for maternity protection as well as work to be done on women’s health.

Unions in Switzerland and Zimbabwe demonstrated for equal pay for men and women.

In Turkey Petrol-Is and Birlesik Metal-Is rallied in various cities and factories. Petrol-Is did a women’s school on women’s stories and against violence.

Violence was also the theme at activities in Brazil, where FEQUIMFAR and the FS metalworkers had mass meetings. There it was also a question of zero tolerance for bullying and sexual harassment and discrimination.

Anti-discrimination was also the slogan for the demonstration in Chile by CONSTRAMET, where the women called for equal treatment and the freeing of abortion.

In Colombia the women took advantage of the 8th of March to demonstrate for water rights, participating, training and organizing.

Across the world women are proud of overcoming discrimination and ready to take up the fight to meet further challenges. IndustriALL is with them all the way!