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Unions say no to violence against women!

28 February, 2019This International Women’s Day, IndustriALL encourages affiliates to take action along with their national centres in support of an ILO convention on gender based violence in the world of work.

“As trade unions, we are at the forefront of this fight. Let’s again show our strong determination to advance gender equality in the world of work on 8 March, International Women’s Day,” says Jenny Holdcroft, IndustriALL assistant general secretary.

Preconditions for gender equality include strengthening women’s voice and leadership, eliminating violence and harassment at work and the implementation of equal pay.

IndustriALL is also encouraging those affiliates that have not yet taken the Pledge to end violence and harassment against women in their workplaces and in the union, to #TakeThePledge.

There is artwork and a video that can be downloaded from IndustriALL’s website. On IndustriALL Women Facebook group, unions can share their plans for 8 March.

And please let IndustriALL know about your actions, in order to magnify the message on social media. Send photos to [email protected], and don’t forget to use the hashtags #ALLWomen #TakeThePledge on social media.