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Unions take action for the Philippines

12 December, 2019This year’s Human Rights Day, 10 December, the global labour movement joined forces to call on the Philippines’ President Duerte to immediately end the persistent attacks on human and labour rights defenders.     

The Philippine government’s targeting of trade unionists has been ramped up recently with fresh waves of arrests and violence. To date, 43 trade unionists have been killed.

Representatives of IndustriALL, BWI, UNI Global Union, PSI and IUF delivered a message of protest to the ambassador to the Philippines in Geneva, calling on the government to stop the abduction and killing of trade unionists and to accept a high level mission from the ILO.

In the Philippines, IndustriALL’s affiliates together with other global unions and the ITUC took action, defying the oppressive climate in which they work.

Several of IndustriALL’s affiliates around the world took action for the unions in the Philippines by sending letters to President Duerte and posting photos of themselves on social media.

IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches says:

“We condemn the persistent attacks on workers’ rights in the Philippines and we fully support our affiliates in the country who are fighting for freedom of association, human rights and democracy.

“The international trade union movement is united in calling on the government to stop the attacks and respect and to guarantee the security and safety of all union members and leaders.”