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Unite reaches a deal with Ineos in Grangemouth

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30 October, 2013Unite the Union reports of an agreement concluded with the owners of Ineos according to which some 800 workers, Unite members, and their families will keep their jobs safe with Ineos at Grangemouth, Scotland.

Unite, local activists and rank-and-file members struggled hard for securing their jobs and working conditions of 1,370 permanent and 2,000 contract workers in Grangemouth refinery. According to Unite the Union, the agreement will guarantee the future of skilled and well-paid work at Grangemouth well into the future.

Ineos promised to make some £300 million to secure the site’s future. Unite and its members waged all efforts in order to keep their factory open.

“This is the bitter harvest of years of laws designed to weaken trade unionism, of neoliberal dogma that rules public ownership out of court, and of rule by a smug elite whose greatest achievement is not economic or social, but to have paralysed the will of politicians, commented Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary, in his blog at The Guardian available through the link “Grangemouth shows the inequality of the fight that unions face now”.