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United for a just future - time to pay up!

28 September, 2022The world is experiencing growing inequality. Unless we take action, we risk losing the gains we have made over the past century. For 7 October this year, World Day for Decent Work, IndustriALL and affiliates are taking coordinated global action to demand a better future.

Trade unions have been attacked across the world, and the decline in power has been matched by labour’s declining share of wealth. The Covid pandemic was the final trigger that has tipped the world into spiralling inequality.

For 7 October this year, World Day for Decent Work, we are demanding a better future. Union action is the key to the success of this campaign and the global day of action because we must speak with one voice about the growing crisis of inequality.

"We have a plan for a just future. We need to articulate it, build coalitions and fight for it together,"

says Atle Høie, IndustriALL general secretary.

What can you and your union do?

Depending on the main issues concerning inequality in your sector or country, actions may vary due to different national and regional priorities or situations. The actions could be:


  • Marches, demonstrations, public meetings and creative street actions
  • Media campaign
  • Creating online resources on the problem of inequality and ways to solve it
  • Placing opinion pieces and getting coverage from local and global media
  • A social media campaign
  • An online event, such as a webinar

Multinational campaign

  • A targeted global campaign against a multinational company identified as contributing to growing inequality
  • A collective bargaining campaign to win better conditions from a targeted company
  • Organizing campaigns that put workers issues connected to inequality

Political campaign

  • Lobby governments and politicians with a clear set of demands around inequality
  • Campaigning for political candidates who offer solutions to the crisis

Building blocks for a just future

We encourage you to use the building blocks that are most relevant for you and print the posters (at the bottom of the page), take pictures holding them, and send the pictures back to us before 7 October, so that we can use them on the day.

When we come together, we can make a difference. On 7 October, let’s use social media to show that we are united for a just future. Use the images below, or your own material, with the #JustFuture hashtag.

If the action cannot be taken on 7 October, unions can take action on another day, preferably between 28 September and 18 October.

Let’s come together and demand our fair share for a just future!

Here are the building blocks to share on social media: