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16 May, 2024As we approach the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), IndustriALL is taking the opportunity to put the spotlight on a valuable resource, published in January, created for unions to support LGBTI workers. 

IDAHOBIT has been recognized since May 17, 2004. The day aims to raise awareness about the violence and discrimination experienced by LGBTQI+ people worldwide and to advocate for their rights. 

The January 2024 launch of the LGBTQI+ worker toolkit by global unions is a key resource in this mission. This toolkit, aligned with ILO Convention 190, aims to combat workplace violence and harassment, providing union leaders and members with the necessary tools to promote inclusive and respectful environments.

Facilitator guideParticipant workbook

The toolkit features two resources: the LGBTQI+ Facilitator Guide and the LGBTQI+ Participant Workbook. The Facilitator Guide is designed for educators and union leaders, offering modules and activities to deepen understanding and promote discussions on violence and harassment against LGBTQI+ individuals. The Participant Workbook provides union members, LGBTQI+ workers, and activists with practical strategies to create inclusive and respectful workplaces.

" We must look forward and strengthen our commitment to support all workers, especially those facing discrimination. Unions play a crucial role in creating workplaces where everyone can thrive. This toolkit is a powerful resource to help us achieve that goal, and while the 17 May is a great day to promote it, we must not stop here, every day is a good day to advocate for inclusivity,"

said Christine Olivier, IndustriALL assistant general secretary.

IDAHOBIT serves as a reminder of the importance of solidarity in a world full of conflict and inequality. It is critical to unite, resist, and challenge employers and governments, building strong movements for social and economic justice. On this day, IndustriALL renews its commitment to fight for the rights of all workers and urges affiliates to support the call to end workplace violence and discrimination, ensuring no comrade is left behind.