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Valentin Urusov receives international rights award

2 May, 2013Russian unionist Valentin Urusov who was recently freed from prison received the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights 2013. IndustriALL Global Union supported his nomination for the award.

“Urusov has become symbolic of the struggle for workers’ rights and freedom of association in Russia,” says Leif Sande, committee chair of the award and head of the IndustriALL’s Norwegian affiliated trade union Industri Energi.

Urusov was jailed in 2008 under what many call a fabricated case in reprisal for his successful attempts to organize workers at diamond mines in the northern province of Sakha in Russia.

In March 2013 the local court in Sakha, Russia, ordered Valentin Urusov to be freed from prison. He will pay a fine and do community service instead of serving the rest of his 5-year term.

While Urusov was still in prison, IndustriALL joined the IUF in asking the jury to nominate him for the Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights 2013 for his courageous and praiseworthy union work.

The Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights is awarded to individuals who, or organizations which, have made noteworthy efforts to promote the work of trade unions and workers’ rights nationally and internationally.

IndustriALL congratulates Valentin Urusov, a heroic Russian trade unionist, in receiving this prestigious international award, and thanks all the organizations and individuals who contributed to the campaign for his release from prison.