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Victory! Napoleon Gomez taken off Interpol red alert list

11 April, 2013Finally the sham case keeping the head of Mexico’s Los Mineros, Napoleon Gomez, on the Interpol red alert list has been scrapped after years of legal campaigning.

Since 2006 and Napoleon’s strong condemnation of the Industrial Homicide at Pasta de Conchos, the mineworker leader has been persecuted by the corporate-government alliance and forced to lead the union from exile in Vancouver, Canada. IndustriALL Global Union is celebrating this positive and long awaited decision from Interpol, which will now allow Napoleon to travel to and take his seat on the international executive committee of IndustriALL.

After a long, bureaucratic internal process at Interpol which has included numerous stages of examination of the case lodged against Napoleon by the previous right-wing PAN party government of Mexico.

In a parallel case, as has been reported, the Magistrates of the First Collegiate Tribunal for Criminal Matters of the First Circuit, Juan José Olvera Lopez, Luis Perez de la Fuente and Jose Luis Villa Jimenez, unanimously resolved to grant the injunction ordering Interpol Mexico Interpol to take action to cancel the red notice that had been issued.

The decision by the international Interpol authority overrules the Mexican branch and vindicates the long standing Los Mineros claim that the previous two governments of Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon abused their power over the Mexican Interpol branch to run a sham case against Napoleon in the interest of discrediting him and keeping him in illegal exile.

Napoleon stated: "It's terrible that international Interpol has found it necessary to make it clear that these Mexican authorities abused the international instrument of the red notice for political ends and unethical business interests.”

A new book authored by Napoleon Gomez called Collapse of Dignity will be launched internationally on 17 April. IndustriALL Global Union is excited by and fully supportive of the book launch.

Collapse of Dignity is Napoleon’s powerful account of the union’s fight, mounted in the face of traitors, armed aggression, death threats, and a political alliance going all the way up to the level of the president.

Gomez’s story is one of outrage, but also of hope. Through Collapse of Dignity lays bare sickening injustice and inexcusable aggression against the Mexican working class, it is at its core a fervent call for a global workers’ movement that will represent the fundamental rights of every person who works for a living.

Visit the Collapse of Dignity website and order your copy online.