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Volkswagen limits precarious work globally!

6 December, 2012The Volkswagen Group Board of Management, the European Group Works Council and the Volkswagen World Works Council and IndustriALL signed an agreement on 30 November 2012 limiting temporary work at the plants of the Group.

The ground breaking agreement "Temporary Work Charter for the Volkswagen Group" sets principles for use of temporary work in the entire Volkswagen Group worldwide. The agreement, among others, serves to ensure appropriate employment and payment conditions for temporary workers.

With almost 200 participants and guests of the meeting of the Volkswagen World Works Council in Munich present, the Charter was signed by Chairman of the Board of Management, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chief Human Resources Officer, Dr. Horst Neumann, Chairman of the Volkswagen World Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, and President of IndustriALL Global Union, Berthold Huber.

Among other conditions in the charter representatives of the employer and employees agree on the following:

  • The moderate use of temporary work at Volkswagen as a necessary tool of flexibility and it should not exceed 5 per cent
  • Equal pay – equal treatment principle is to be put in place and the wages of the temporary workers should evolve based on gained experience and qualification similar to the regular workforce
  • The temporary workers being offered training
  • In addition to vocational training and trainee programs as well as direct external recruitment, temporary work will be a third route to become permanent staff of Volkswagen
  • Temporary work at Volkswagen is used solely to balance economic volatility and address particular tasks for which there is a temporary need of workforce

The agreement applies to all plants of Volkswagen Group, members of the World Works Council.

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A copy of the Charter will be published here on the IndustriALL Global Union website once available.