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What are unions demanding at COP27?

1 November, 2022Leaders of the world’s governments will begin a two-week meeting in Egypt on Sunday to continue negotiations to address the biggest crisis facing humanity: climate change. A delegation from the global labour movement, including IndustriALL Global Union, will be present at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, to ensure that workers’ voices are raised at this crucial international meeting.

The labour movement believes that we cannot address climate change and decarbonize the global economy without also addressing structural inequalities. Addressing climate change will require massive, globally coordinated investment in new, green infrastructure. This is our opportunity to fight for highly quality, unionized jobs to replace dirty and dangerous work. We demand that the worlds’ governments find the money to fund this investment, including by adequately taxing the super-rich and multinational corporations. We demand that all stakeholders, including unions and communities, are involved in developing transition plans.

Union delegates have been meeting ahead of COP27 to coordinate their activities. For unions this year, our political interventions at COP27 will focus on:

  • Achieving meaningful just transition
  • Loss and damage – demanding reparations for damage caused by climate change
  • Climate finance – demanding that those who caused the crisis pay for it

To help affiliates prepare for COP27, IndustriALL is organizing a series of webinars:

Join our social media storm

Please help us to raise labour voices by being active on social media before and during the conference.

Join our social media storm on 4 November to make our demands ahead of COP27 clear.

On 4 November, please post messages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your other social media channels, with your union’s demands for COP27. Please use the hashtags #COP27 #JustTransition #JustFuture to coordinate the activity.

You can download our Just Transition poster, available in English, French and Spanish, and take pictures of people holding it.

Sample messages:

United for a just future! Trade unions will be at #COP27 to demand a #JustTransition for workers and their communities. Let’s build a #JustFuture together.

To prevent disastrous climate change, we need to transition our economies to net-zero. Trade unions must be part of the plan to make this happen. Let’s create new, high quality, green union jobs. #JustTransition #COP27 #JustFuture

Who will pay for #JustTransition? Time for the rich to pay up. Unions will be at #COP27 to demand #ClimateFinance to build a #JustFuture for all

Confused by #COP27? Download the trade union guide of practice for a #JustTransition and see the steps to negotiate and implement agreements that build a #JustFuture: https://bit.ly/3DraDES