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Working group establishes strategic action plan to confront global capital

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3 May, 2023The IndustriALL Global multinational committee (GMC) met for the first time in Paris on April 27-28. The hybrid meeting was attended by around 70 delegates who discussed and developed a strategic action plan on issues related to multinational companies (MNCs).

Welcoming the participants, FTM-CGT general secretary Frédéric Sanchez, said:

“MNCs have a big responsibility in the world economy; they have more power than governments. International solidarity is key if we want people to be empowered, and we need IndustriALL for that.”

Participants agreed to focus on strategic campaigns targeting multinational companies in IndustriALL’s sectors to confront global capital and build trade union power. The work will include promoting global trade union networks, trade union rights, transnational solidarity and collective action.

The committee also agreed to aim to establish strategies for affiliates to address changes affecting working conditions and job security, strengthen current policies and instruments, and negotiate and implement global framework agreements.

As the energy transition will impact all IndustriALL industries and the way we live, delegates identified as priorities the supply chain that support the transition to renewable energy, notably the solar and wind energy power. Mining, notably critical minerals, and base metals were identified as key sectors to focus on. The meeting expressed a wish to further develop the different proposals at the Mid-term policy conference in Cape Town in June.

The GMC established a steering committee to analyze its composition and resources on a regular basis. The steering committee will consist of regional representation determined by IndustriALL vice-presidents. Delegates elected Jonathan Hayward, Workers Uniting UK, and Maria Soledad Calle, UOM, Argentina, as co-chairs.

Said IndustriALL assistant general secretary Christine Olivier:

“As global capital continues to exploit vulnerable workers across the globe, especially in the producing countries, IndustriALL has a responsibility to respond to these onslaughts by reinforcing global solidarity, unity and build our capacity through the work of this committee.”