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Young Filipino trade unionists optimistic about their future

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19 December, 2018Thirty-three participants aged between 20 to 35 years from ten Philippine trade unions affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union, attended a national young workers’ training workshop, and showed their commitment to being dynamic actors in society.

The participants, of whom 60 per cent were women, came out of the training optimistic about their future and recognized their role as agents of change in The Philippines.

The trade union activists discussed the problems they face as young workers and developed a detailed action plan to sustain communication and effective coordination and build young workers’ power.

Another session called “idea factory” allowed participants to explore the issues that are particularly impacting young workers, including the rise in precarious employment, low wages and poverty, that further deteriorates working and living conditions of workers and society in general.

The participants presented the group action plan gearing towards more active participation in trade union activities and recruiting more young workers from all walks of life.

Among other points for action, the participants resolved to increase youth representation, organize young workers and conduct more workers’ education programmes.

The workshop was organized with the support of the Swedish union federation Union to Union under the building union power project, which is designed to raise young workers’ awareness of global and national labour relations, while paying special attention to the issues young workers confront.