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Young workers in Mozambique build unity

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4 July, 2017At a meeting organized by IndustriALL in partnership with Finnish trade union centre SASK, young workers from three IndustriALL affiliates called for more involvement in union work.

They planned for greater unity amongst unions present, in order to increase youth membership.

The youth meeting was held on 21-23 June, in the north of Mozambique. The meeting was led by young workers and counted a total of 21 participants (9 women/11 men) from the following industriALL affiliates:

  • Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores da Indústria Metalúrgica Metalomecánica e Energia (SINTIME),
  • Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores da Indústria Quimica e Afins (SINTIQUIAF), and
  • National Union of Construction Industry, Wood and Mine Workers of Mozambique (SINTCIM).

“These activities are important because they strengthen unions and will help us fight the attitude of bosses who seek to prevent the creation of unions” said Adriano Zandamela, youth coordinator at local mining union, SINTICIM.

Participants came up with a plan of action where each province commits to visit companies with the aim of organizing more young workers. This outcome is an important move forward as it demonstrates unity amongst local unions as it will be carried carried out by all three unions jointly.

“We thank IndustriALL for encouraging youth participation in union activities; this is essential to show that unions are close to the workforce and will in turn give more visibility and allow for growth,” said Zandamela.