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15 October, 2014In October, IndustriALL affiliated unions in Zimbabwe together with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) joined-in on the global action to Stop Precarious Work.

To mark the World Day for Decent Work (WDDW) a community action took place, at the Harare central bus terminus, where union members cleaned-up the littered area. The clean-up was followed by a march across town with workers singing songs of solidarity and holding banners demanding decent work and decent wages. 

The action came at a time when according to a ZCTU survey, a total of 4,172 people have lost their jobs, between January and September 2014, compared to about 9000 jobs lost and 75 company closures in 2013. Most of these job losses were recorded in the security, engineering, motor, clothing and textile, and printing industries.

The fight against against precarious work continues as workers who still have jobs struggle get their salaries paid on time. 2014 has seen workers from various sectors taking to the streets in protest.

For years now, the ZCTU has been fighting for wages that are linked to the poverty datum line which is currently at USD$500.00, we have also been fighting the rot in public institutions for the betterment of our country

said the ZCTU’s President George Nkiwane in his speech whilst addressing workers.

Whilst delivering his solidarity message, IndustriALL Global Union Country Coordinating Committee Chairperson in Zimbabwe, Cde Wise Garira said

workers are an important resource and should be treated with dignity.

He added that

precarious work is associated with death and we all should fight it.  

Wise also gave a brief history of IndustriALL Global Union and encouraged same sector unions to merge because there is power in unity.