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Agreement reached at Tenaris in Brazil

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3 October, 2012After a 24-hour strike, workers at Tenaris Confab voted to accept the proposal presented by the employer in the evening of 27 September 2012.

The agreed wage increase is of 8 per cent, which is 2.3 per cent more than the increase granted for inflation, they also agreed on a bonus. At the national level bargaining is at an impasse and companies are only offering 6.5 per cent increase. The wage increase applies to all workers in the plant and all workers went back to work on 29 September.

For long the company didn’t accept to negotiate with the local union Pindamonhangaba affiliated to CNM-CUT one of IndustriALL’s affiliates in Brazil. For the first time in over fifteen years, factory production was completely paralyzed, and remained so for 24 hours. The administrative sector employees also striked.

The President of the United Steelworkers of Pindamonhangaba-CUT, Renato Marcondes de Oliveira, the "Papaya", congratulated the workers for the strike, which has already become a landmark for the city and also for the Tenaris group.

IndustriALL GLobal Union and the Tenaris Workers’ World Council congratulate the workers at Tenaris Confab.