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Denmark’s 3F Conduct 2nd Congress

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4 October, 2010

ICEM’s Danish affiliated union 3F conducted its second Congress, 11-17 September, in the Aalborg Culture and Congress Centre. There were 855 delegates to the Congress, including ICEM General Secretary Manfred Warda, who attended as an international guest.

3F is the largest trade union in Denmark, with 352,588 members from the following sectors: Transport, Building & Construction, Manufacturing industries, Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture/Market Gardens, Cleaning, Hotel & Restaurants, Delivery and distribution of newspapers and magazines.

3F President Poul Erik Christensen

The 3F Congress sets policy and elects the union’s leadership and Executive Committee members. The six sections of 3F held separate conferences to discuss internal affairs of the section and to elect representatives to be put forward for election to the Federation’s Executive Committee. Also elected in the section conferences are the section leaders, and negotiation secretaries. Those six sections are: Industry, Public-Sector, Transport, Construction, Private-Sector Services, and Green.

Among those re-elected at the Congress were President Christensen, and Per Soerensen 3F’s delegate to the ICEM Executive Committee.

3F President Poul Erik Christensen proposed the at the union makes large financial backing to enact a change in government of Denmark, his proposal was accepted by Congress. Christensen will spend US$1million, “The question is not whether we can afford to support this, but whether we can afford not to,” stated President Christensen.

ICEM General Secretary Manfred Warda addressed an event at the Congress for international guests. Warda praised 3F for its international solidarity work.