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ICEM Letter To Ukrainian PRUPU Union on 8 June Mine Tragedy

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9 June, 2008


June 9, 2008

Viktor Turmanov
Coal Mining Workers’ Union of Ukraine (PRUPU)
117 Posysheva Street
83000 Donestsk

Dear Brother Turmanov,

It was with great sadness that the ICEM learned this morning of the major explosion at the state-owned mine near Yenakiyevo in the central Donbass region of the Ukraine yesterday. We understand that the miners endangered are members of your proud Trade Union, and I write to offer the ICEM’s condolences for those who have died, and our greatest hope that rescue efforts will succeed for those who still might be alive inside the mine.

We understand that this particular mine is a low-yielding producer of coal, thus we question why the government even had the mine in operation. Certainly any mining operation that produces coal in Ukraine should and must have the proper methane detection devices and other modern safety equipment in place, and we wonder if this was the case of the mine near Yenakiyevo.

The 20-million-member ICEM, the Global Union Federation for the Mining and Energy sectors, stands behind PRUPA in calling on the new Minister of Coal and other Ukrainian authorities to conduct a full investigation into this tragedy.

Please pass our sincerest condolences to the families of the miners who perished, and know that the ICEM stands with our affiliated Trade Union PRUPU in demanding safe and secure workplaces inside the Ukrainian mining industry.


Manfred Warda
General Secretary