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Pact Reached in Germany Between IGBCE, Continental Tyre

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25 January, 2006

The contentious dispute between ICEM German affiliate IGBCE and Continental Tyre over 320 job cuts by year-end 2006 at the Stöcken plant in Hannover, Germany, was resolved Tuesday evening, 24 January, in negotiations between the two sides and the Works Council of the plant.

In the tentative agreement that is expected to be finalised in February, the German tyre-maker has agreed to return to an agreement put in place in May 2005. That agreement called for no job cuts before the end of 2007. Throughout 2007, Continental will offer job opportunities to Stöcken workers in other facilities and also offer early retirement options to eligible workers. In addition, the company will make research and development investments at the Stöcken plant.

IGBCE board member Werner Bischoff said the union succeeded in preserving the future of Hannover’s Continental facilities, as well as making a stand that last May’s agreement cannot be undermined.