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Uruguay the Destination for ICEM’s Pulp/Paper Conference, 8-10 December 2008

9 September, 2008

The ICEM’s World Conference for the Pulp and Paper Sector will be held in Piriapolis, Uruguay, from 8-10 December 2008. On 8 and 9 December, relevant panels and discussion on global trends in the sector will occur, as well as putting in place meaningful methods on developing practical solidarity between trade unions in the forest products industries.

On 10 December, host union Centro Unión Obreros Papeleros y Celulosa (CUOPYC) will sponsor a several gala social events for ICEM delegates. Uruguay President Tabaré Vázquez is expected to open the conference on 8 December. Trade unions wishing to send delegates are encouraged to check visa requirements now, and Letters of Invitation and Registration forms, in all languages can be found here.