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Warehouse Workers of Oxford University Press to Strike Again

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18 October, 2010

Some 90 members of Unite the Union in the UK, employed at the Saxon Way, Corby, warehouse of Oxford University Press, will begin a second round of strike actions this week over the publishing house’s inferior 2010 wage offer. Members of the GPM Section of Unite staged an initial 24-hour strike on 12-13 October, following a lawful strike ballot and formal rejection of a 2.5% increase.

Last year, warehouse workers accepted a wage freeze in recognition of the financial crisis, only to learn after signing that managers, call centre workers, and admin staff of Oxford University Press had been awarded 2% increases. The 90 workers, who will soon be moved to new warehouse space at Prologis Park, Ketterling, are seeking a 2010 increase of 4.2% to offset last year’s loss.

“The company is doing well. It recorded an 8% increase in profit last year, on the back of a £500 million turnover, so our members believe they are well within their rights to ask for 4.2%,” Unite National Officer Steve Sibbald told the industry publication Printweek.

Further industrial actions are scheduled for next week on 28 October and again on 3 November. Messages of support to workers can be sent to Unite Regional Officer Kathy Brooks here who will relay all solidarity notes to striking warehouse workers.