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IMF condemns labour rights violations at Thai Summit Group subsidiary

28 August, 2007Workers face unjust dismissals, harassment and threats, and violations of trade union rights.

THAILAND: Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Auto Parts Company, owned and controlled by Thai Summit Group has drawn fire from the International Metalworkers’ Federation, IMF affiliates, and the National Human Rights Commission in Thailand for committing trade union and human rights violations at their Rayong auto parts plant.

Rights violations at Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Auto Parts Company include:

  • the unjust dismissal of ten union members;
  • obstruction of workers' right to freedom of association through threats, intimidation and harassment; and
  • failure of the company to respect the right of workers to collectively bargain.

Workers at the plant are represented by the Ford & Mazda Thailand Workers’ Union.

Thai Summit Group, a leading auto parts manufacturer in Asia, is one of Ford Motor Company’s top selected suppliers. At the IMF Ford Working Group meeting in London on June 25-26, 2007, union delegates condemned management actions at Thai Auto Summit and called on Ford Motor Company to abide by its commitment to ensure that its suppliers fully respect worker and trade union rights.

In addition to international solidarity efforts, the union is taking action at the local level. On August 23, 2007, workers at the Ford and Mazda plant in Rayong refused to accept Thai Summit auto parts because the supplier did not meet Ford’s purchasing guidelines, halting production for a day.

In a letter to Thai Summit Group president, IMF general secretary Marcello Malentacchi called on the company “to ensure that Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Auto Parts Company immediately reinstates the ten workers who were unjustly dismissed; ceases and desists from any further threats, harassment or intimidation of workers and union members; halts any further rights violations; and resumes negotiations in good faith to promptly reach a fair collective agreement with the union.”

The IMF is urging affiliates to send letters of protest to Thai Summit Group.