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Labour Code adoption in Kyrgyzstan postponed to June 1

28 March, 2012On March 23 trade unions of Kyrgyzstan held a meeting against the hasty adoption of the new Labour Code, undermining workers' rights. Thanks to the unions resolute position, backed by international pressure, adoption of the new Labour Code of Kyrgyzstan is postponed unitl June 1.

KYRGYZSTAN: On March 23 trade unions of Kyrgyzstan held a protest meeting in Bishkek in front of the Government House against the hasty adoption of the new Labour Code considerably limiting workers' and trade union rights. After negotiations with representatives of trade unions, including IMF affiliate Mining and Metallurgy Trade Union of Kyrgyzstan (MMTUK) the consideration of the new labour code is prolonged to June 1.

Earlier it was announced that the Government will adopt the new Labour Code on March 23, despite the fact that the bill was proposed for public consideration only on March 9 and according to the national law it must last not less than one month.

"After appeals, comments and proposals forwarded to the Government and Ministry of economy from labour collectives, trade union organizations, federations, international unions, International Confederation of Trade Unions and other organizations the decision of the issue has been postponed until, April 7," commented Eldar Tadjibaev, MMTUK president.

IMF and ICEM sent a joint letter to the Prime-Minister of Kyrgyzstan Omurbek Babanov urging him not to consider the bill without prior consultation with unions.

"On March 23, after the protest meeting and negotiations with representatives of the authorities took place the consideration of the bill was prolonged till June 1," added Eldar Tadjibaev.  The interdepartmental working group developing the new Labour Code will include five representatives of trade unions, two of them from MMTUK. The decision is also taken to submit the text of the bill to the expert consideration of the International Labour Organization."