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Metal unions to conduct joint protest in Sofia

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26 May, 1999Bulgarian metalworkers join forces for their "Day of Protest of Bulgarian Metalworkers".

BULGARIA: All five of the IMF's Bulgarian affiliates are joining forces to organise a "Day of Protest of Bulgarian Metalworkers", on Thursday, May 27, in Sofia. The situation in the country's metal industry is becoming more and more difficult and unclear, with the privatisation process too slow and a lack of serious investors. Many, if not most, of the companies in the metal sector have collapsed financially and restructuring is being carried out simply by dismissing workers and liquidating companies which employ thousands of people. One year has passed since the last protest was organised, and not one of the demands expressed by the metalworkers has resulted in positive action by the government. The IMF unions (TU "Metalicy" - Citub, NF "Metal-Electro" - Citub, NF "Metallurgy" - CL Podkrepa, SFMM - CL "Podkrepa", and NFEEI - CL "Podkrepa") are insisting on keeping afloat the companies still functioning and putting a stop to liquidation, an effective and active post-privatisation control, creation of real alternative employment, etc. Please show your concern and solidarity with the Bulgarian metalworkers, in their struggle to defend metalworkers' interests and livelihoods, by sending messages of support for all five unions in care of: TU "Metalicy" on e-mail: [email protected] or Fax: (359/2) 882-710.