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NUBEGW prepares for congress

12 December, 2011In November 2011, IMF Project Officer Suzanna Miller joined NUBEGW for a number of activities organised to prepare the union for its congress next year.

German and French unions call for a new industrial policy

11 January, 2012The German and French trade unions affiliated to the IMF make a joint statement on the industrial future in Europe. They appeal to the French and German governments and the European Commission to strengthen the industrial base and secure employment in the European industry.

Pay hike of 3 per cent in Swedish industry

11 January, 2012At the end of December 170 IF Metall union reps from working sites across Sweden agreed to a new 14 month contract with employers' associations, starting February 1, 2012, and running up to March 31, 2013. Salaries will be increased by 3 per cent.

Ecopetrol reinstates USO president

17 January, 2012Thanks to national and international trade union solidarity, the Ecopetrol president has reinstated USO president Rodolfo Vecino and revoked the ten-year ban on holding office also placed on him by the company.

Italian metalworkers denounce lax European arms export control

24 January, 2012Italian metalworkers' unions Fim-Cisl and Fiom-Cgil say the official EU report on arms exports is flawed, incomplete and too late. They are among the promoters of the Arms Control Network Rete Italiana per il Disarmo, one of the signatories of a critical appeal against lax European arms export control.

Canadian Rio Tinto lockout nears one month

25 January, 2012On January 1, 2012, Rio Tinto's aluminium subsidiary Alcan locked out 780 members of United Steelworkers at its smelter and refinery in Alma, Québec. The company refuses to negotiate limits on contract work.

The Electrical workers' complaint will be considered in U.S. and Canada

20 January, 2012The complaint of the Mexican Electrical Workers' Union (SME) against their government will be considered in both Canada and the United States under North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) side agreement on labour cooperation.

CAW argues for strengthening of skilled trades in Canada

24 February, 2012Unionized skilled trade workers set out their vision for an industrial policy that can rebuild the manufacturing industry in Canada.

Benteler management in Kaluga, Russia, will negotiate with the ITUA

7 March, 2012On March 5 the management of Benteler Kaluga (Russia) agreed to negotiate a collective agreement with the Interregional Trade Union of Autoworkers (ITUA). Its previous decision to refuse negotiations was withdrawn.

Unions demand to drop charges against Kamal Abbas

7 March, 2012The Global Union Federations IMF, ICEM and ITGLWF join the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) demanding Egyptian authorities drop charges against Kamal Abbas, general coordinator of the Egyptian Center for Trade Union and Workers' Services, sentenced for six month imprisonment in February 2012.