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Young precarious workers tell their stories in Italy

11 May, 2012Who are precarious workers? What are their living and working conditions? What is their future? A new project recently launched in Italy is aimed to answer these questions though listening to the stories of young people.

ITALY:  A special website http://www.storieprecarie.it/ was recently launched in Italy with the purpose of enabling young people to share their stories about problems they are facing in the workplace and in their daily lives.

Visitors are requested to fill in a questionnaire about precarious conditions they face, which according to the organizers will serve as a basis for a clearer profile of precarious workers and better understanding of the problems they face and their needs in the modern era of flexible conditions imposed on workers everywhere.

The questionnaire is composed of two parts. The first part focuses on personal stories and expectations of respondents, while the second part helps to identify their sociological portrait. Collected through the website, the results will be studied by professors and researchers at Sapienza University in Rome and later presented at the annual international festival of journalism organized by the Italian weekly information magazine Internazionale in Ferrara on October 5 to 7, 2012, coinciding with World Day for Decent Work on October 7

The site was launched in the start of May and will remain active until June 20. Over 500 stories have already been communicated since the launch of the site. The initiative is promoted by the Internazionale magazine jointly with the Italian trade union confederation CGIL aiming to raise awareness of the general public about the problem of precarious work as part of the union campaign against precarious work in Italy.