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Combatting violence and harassment at ENI

28 January, 2022This month, IndustriALL and Italian unions Filctem CGIL, Femca CISL, Uiltec UIL signed an addendum to the existing global framework agreement with energy company ENI on the provisions of ILO Convention 190 and recommendation 206 towards the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work.

The agreement stipulates that ENI must provide a world of work free from violence and harassment.
Key aspects include:

ENI forbids any forms of violence and harassment at work, underlining a zero tolerance policy

A specific focus on gender-based violence and harassment, offering extensive protection to the most vulnerable

The agreement is applicable to all ENI workers, regardless of employment status

The agreement covers not only the workplace, but as provided for in ILO C190, the world of work, meaning violence and harassment occurring beyond the physical workplace, including using digital tools

Promoting a culture of tackling violence and harassment, providing information and training, implementing preventive measures

A reporting system confirming all cases will be duly investigated, guaranteeing confidentiality and protection against victimisation and retaliation

“A world of work free from violence and harassment is a fundamental right for all workers, especially women who are disproportionally affected by violence. C190 provides an opportunity to add important clauses to GFAs, in particular on GBVH, and this is a priority for IndustriALL in all new GFAs. IndustriALL affiliates report that GFAs have been an important lever for workplace policies and GBVH awareness,”

says Atle Høie, IndustriALL general secretary.
IndustriALL also aims to include language in GFAs on the impact of domestic violence in the world of work, as well as on measures employers should take to mitigate these impacts.