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Demonstration of unpaid EVM chemical workers in Budapest

14 February, 2014A hundred workers from the EVM chemical company held a demonstration demanding their unpaid wages and allowances on 12 February, 2014. The demonstration was organized by VDSZ, the Federation of Chemical Workers of Hungary in front of the law firm representing the EVM owner.

The workers started a blockade-type strike at the chemical factory on 3 February.

One hundred demonstrating workers and sympathizers were present in the center of Budapest in spite of the cold and rainy weather. The main speakers at the event were the local union president and the chairman of the works council. They demand that workers receive the wages, allowances and all the documents that are needed for further employment and tax returns. For this reason the workers of EVM started a blockade to stop the company removing valuable machinary.

The company owners are unreachable and during the demonstration, news was received of the former CEO resigning. The out-going CEO blamed the perilous condition of the company as the main reason behind this decision.

As the president of the VDSZ trade union, Tamás Székely announced to the demonstration, the union will provide all possible legal assistance to help the workers. The speaker read out the name of other trade unions from Hungary and international unions who sent solidarity messages.

President Tamás stated:

We would like to wish our thanks for all the solidarity declaration and good wishes for the workers of EVM.

The EVM employees continue the blockade type strike continuously, because as of the 10 February deadline they received no wages. The VDSZ union will continue to support this group of workers into the future as well.