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Goodyear Indonesia workers return to protest line

17 December, 202044 Goodyear Indonesia workers returned to the protest line in Bogor city, demanding that the company reinstate all 44 workers in accordance to the advice of the city Manpower office, provide back pay since 22 June and year-end bonus.

In April, PT Goodyear Indonesia Tbk dismissed 44 permanent workers, citing Force Majeure. The workers and and their union, Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas Workers’ Union (FSP KEP), has been protesting against the arbitrary dismissal.

On 15 December, the workers gathered in front of the factory with banners and placards saying "don't shatter the dream of our family", "appreciate our contribution to the company", “don’t rob our rights”.

The workers have vowed to carry out collective action every day from 8am to 11am for two weeks, to protest against the company’s failure to abide by the advice of the Manpower office that acted as a mediator.

According to FSP KEP, the company declined mediation advice and instead filed the termination dispute at the labour court, with the trial scheduled to begin on 16 December.

Bambang Surjono, general secretary of FSP KEP, says:

“PT Goodyear Indonesia Tbk should obey with the mediation advice, reinstate all 44 workers with back pay and benefits. Legally they are still Goodyear workers as the labour court has yet to make a ruling, the company must pay their rights according to Manpower Act No. 13 Year 2003.

“I call on the company to walk the talk with the company slogan ‘Keep a good pride’, as the living conditions of the 44 families are worsening. Management must respect Indonesian labour laws and ensure a decent living of our members who were arbitrarily dismissed.”

IndustriALL Global Union rubber director Tom Grinter says:

“This group of workers has received special solidarity support from the tire workers' unions in Thailand, and IndustriALL Global Union.  Our message to Goodyear management is simple, reinstate these 44 committed employees immediately.”