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IndustriALL Executive Committee elects female president

30 November, 2023IndustriALL’s online Executive Committe on 28-29 November elected the organization’s first female president, Marie Nilsson from Swedish union IF Metall, as Jörg Hoffman from German IG Metall steps down.

“Democracy, peace and climate change are closely linked and unions play a very important role. Organizing is one of the key tools that we have at our disposal,"

Marie Nilsson said upon accepting the role of acting president until IndustriALL’s 4th Congress in Sydney, Australia, in 2025.

The Executive Committee adopted the statement from the Mid-Term Policy Conference in June and approved the creation of a Congress preparatory committee to look at amendments to the Statutes and a draft a new action plan. IndustriALL’s 4th Congress will be held on 4-9 November, hosted by the Australian affiliates.

In an important move, the Executive Committee adopted a global policy on gender-based violence and harassment, misogyny and sexism. The adoption coincides with the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

The policy sets out IndustriALL’s commitments to prevent and end gender-based violence and harassment, misogyny and sexism where it occurs in the course of, linked with or arising out of IndustriALL work and activities.

IndustriALL has a zero tolerance to GBVH, misogyny and sexism and stresses that there is No Excuse for GBVH, misogyny and sexism. Under the banner of a No Excuse campaign to be launched in 2024, IndustriALL will raise awareness about the policy and disseminate it to all affiliates.

Discussing the draft campaign strategy, it was decided that a working group will further develop the guidelines and strategies, including setting up a corporate campaign in the wind sector energy targeting the big five manufacturers. 

Participants discussed a resolution on the conflict between Palestine and Israel. After a very heated debate, a resolution calling for a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through peaceful means was adopted.

Closing the two days of online meetings, Jörg Hoffman concluded his seven years as president of IndustriALL.

"I wish to thank everyone for their cooperation and commitment in the Executive Committee and look forward to seeing you all again."