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IndustriALL joins calls for urgent support to flood-hit Balkans

29 May, 2014The water receded however resulting from floods danger of landslides is high. Upon discussion with the affiliates in the affected areas IndustriALL calls on for an urgent support. Below are the details for financial donations.

The highest in the last 120 years rainfalls are over and water recedes, but resources are needed to help people in the hardest hit Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and parts of Croatia

According to various reports landslides represent an important danger after the water receded. Only in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Tuzla Canton alone some 2,500 landslides have been recorded. In some areas there is an increased risk of infectious disease coming with the warm weather.

IndustriALL hopes the governments of the affected countries will provide every possible help and assistance to the families suffered from the natural disaster.

Upon consultations with the affiliates in the affected region together with sympathy and solidarity message IndustriALL also appeals to all affiliates asking for help and support to our brothers and sisters in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.