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IndustriALL’s Global Worker is out now

26 May, 2016IndustriALL Global Union’s seventh edition of Global Worker is out and includes a new set of profiles, reports and interviews from a workers’ perspective.

With IndustriALL’s 2nd Congress coming up in Brazil, the profile looks at how unity between Brazil’s national centres CUT and Forca Sindical has helped to win major victories for the country’s workers.

IndustriALL’s second Congress is an opportunity to reflect on the fight against precarious work, the achievements and refocus on the struggles still to come. Global Worker’s special report takes an in depth look at this key campaign in the past four years.

Following the adoption in December 2015 of the historic Paris agreement on climate, IndustriALL’s sustainability director Brian Kohler writes an opinion piece on Just Transition and how it requires deliberate public policy choices, building on a foundation of strong social protection programmes and sustainable industrial policies.

With unions under pressure in Turkey to defend workers in a climate of consistent anti-union behaviour another profile looks at how transnational campaigns provide them with the solidarity and space they need to organize.

Globalization has further reinforced the need to regulate labour standards internationally. There has always been an important strategic objective to create a counterbalance to global capital, as globalization plays workers off against each other. We need to work together in unity,

says Berthold Huber, in an interview with IndustriALL.

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