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25 May, 2012The agreement contains essential labour rights principles, mentions trading partners, subcontractors and suppliers and establishes a process to review and implement the agreement in all Lafarge worksites.

The GFA with leading French building material multinational, Lafarge, is co-signed with another global union federation, the Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI).

The agreement binds Lafarge to respect the following core principles throughout its operations:

  • No forced labour;
  • No discrimination in employment;
  • No use of child labour;
  • Freedom of association and right of workers to collective bargaining;
  • Living wages paid at least at the level of national legislation or collective agreements, as applied in the industry/sector concerned;
  • Working hours comply with relevant national legislation, national agreements and industry/sector standards;
  • Safe and healthy work environment in accordance with ILO Convention 156 and ILO Guidelines for Occupational Health Management Systems; and
  • Development of Skills Training for all workers in cooperation with trade unions.