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Morocco: phosphate sector workers benefit from protocol agreement

11 April, 2023Workers’ financial improvement, new social gains like housing and social activities like sport, tourist activities and establishing workers’ clubs are some of the benefits that workers from Syndicat National des Travailleurs de Phosphates - SNTP-CDT will receive. 

SNTP-CDT, an IndustriALL affiliate in Morocco, organized a national campaign to promote the protocol of the agreement with the OCP Group signed in 2022.

Other benefits include important provisions regarding protection, occupational safety, and aspects of health insurance. Women in the phosphate sector achieved important gains related to work flexibility, especially for breastfeeding women.

SNTP-CDT deputy secretary general, Khalil Kaanan, said

“this is agreement No. 18 since 2005. The protocol represents an unprecedented preservation of the continuity of social dialogue. Reaching an agreement for 2022 is an important achievement because it came in a difficult context, given the ongoing economic crisis and the transformations taking place in the phosphate and fertilizer sector locally and internationally. The agreement deals with the various challenges facing the sector, such as environmental and technological challenges, and objective of achieving sustainable development.”

Ahmed Kamel IndustriALL MENA regional secretary says,

“an agreement like this is a good example of genuine sustainable social dialogue. It is only with long standing trust and a well established dialogue that workers and business can face the crisis better. We congratulate SNTP-CDT leadership and members for such achievement.”

Phosphate, also known as white gold, is key to Morocco’s economy as the country has more than 70 per cent of the world’s estimated reserves.