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New issue of Global Worker out now!

9 December, 2015The sixth issue of IndustriALL publication Global Worker is out now. Among other things, read about the industry where more workers are killed on the job than anywhere else, how superheroes can be used to organize more members, and the next generation of trade unionists.

Jyrki Raina says in the GS corner

"Change is an omnipresent, dynamic element in our industries. Production methods develop and industries move from one country to another, in the search of new markets and higher profit margins,” referring to  this issue’s feature on South Africa: A turnaround for South Africa’s textile industry?

What is labelled Industry 4.0 will also bring change to the workers in IndustriALL’s sector. Read more about the industrial revolution happening now

Organize or die faced Swedish union Unionen when levels of membership were in steady decline. How did they reverse the trend? Superheroes to the rescue

On the other side of the world, in Malaysia, unions in the electronics sector have managed to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement including migrant workers for the first time: Organizers fighting for rights in Malaysia

The first woman trade union leader in Iraq, Hashmeya Alsaadawe, has faced death threats to her and her family, but is persevering in organizing and defending workers’ rights. INTERVIEW: Hashmeya Alsaadawe

Shipbreaking is the world’s most dangerous job and an industry ripe with serious accidents. IndustriALL is campaigning for countries to ratify the Hong Kong convention for a safer work environment:
Cleaning up shipbreaking the world’s most dangerous job
To build union power, IndustriALL strives to increase participation of young workers. IndustriALL’s youth projects in Latin America encourage young workers to reflect on their values and develop their ideas, which leads to dynamic discussions: IndustriALL youth projects in Latin America
Another youth movement supporting union actions is United Students Against Sweatshops. “We use the power we have as students to force our universities to end their business relationships with brands that violate the rights of their workers anywhere in their global supply chain,” says Morgan Currier, USAS international campaign coordinator and national organizer. United Students Against Sweatshops union allies in action

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