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Peru: union protests violations of labour rights

20 February, 2018Workers at Alfred H Knight in Peru are mobilizing after a deadlock in collective bargaining and continuing violations of labour rights by the company.

Negotiations between the union, affiliated to the Federation FETRIMAP - CGTP, in turn affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union, and mineral analysis company Alfred H Knight, have come to a halt in the absence of proposals from the company.

On 13 February, workers began a protest, claiming that the company had failed to comply with the rulings of the national labour inspectorate, SUNAFIL, to convene elections for occupational health and safety committees at their sites in Lima, Arequipa and Callao. The union argues that poor working conditions have resulted in illness and several workplace accidents.

Acting as a mediator, the Labour Ministry summoned the company and the union on 19 February to try to unlock negotiations on the collective agreement.

Meanwhile, the CGTP announced a mobilization for labour rights and decent work on 1 March, together with its affiliated unions. They will march to the Labour Ministry to demand a solution to the collective bargaining process in a number of companies, including Alfred H. Knight, problems with trade union registration processes, and an end to collective dismissals.

IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches is calling on Alfred H Knight in the UK to intervene at its Peruvian subsidiary to guarantee full respect of fundamental workers’ rights:   

“It is imperative that the company implements strict health and safety in their operations to prevent accidents, and to negotiate a new collective agreement with the union that takes into account the demands of workers.”