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3 July, 2013The Renault Group, the Renault Group Works Council and IndustriALL Global Union signed a global framework agreement, “Committing together for sustainable growth and development”, on July 2, 2013.

Result of a responsible social dialogue, this agreement follows on from the Declaration of Employees’ Fundamental Rights dated October, 2004, which it enhances and modernizes to adapt to new social and economic demands.

In this agreement, the signatories commit to five key areas of action:

  • the respect of fundamental social rights. The agreement renews and reinforces the commitments entered into when the Declaration was signed in 2004;
  • social responsibility to employees, expressed through social dialogue, health & safety policy, work and skills management, remuneration and social protection, and the promotion of diversity;
  • responsibility to society in the areas where the Renault Group is located, including the support for educational projects, helping young people gain a professional foothold in the auto industry, and promoting road safety;
  • relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors, for the selection of which the respect for fundamental rights is a determining criterion;
  • reduction of environmental footprint, reconciling demand for products and services with environmental protection and enhancing environmental management throughout the company.

Together, the Renault Group, the Renault Group Works Council and IndustriALL Global Union are convinced that, in a globally competitive environment, economic performance and social development are the interdependent keys to a company’s sustainable growth.

Marie-Françoise Damesin, EVP, Human Resources for the Renault group, said: “I welcome the agreement, which reflects Renault’s commitment to corporate, social and environmental responsibility. It is the result of a responsible social dialogue built over 20 years internationally.”

Jyrki Raina, General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union, said: “The agreement contains significant improvements in the field of fundamental human rights, notably concerning freedom of association, of health and safety, training, and the environment. IndustriALL welcomes Renault’s strong commitment to advance these rights at its suppliers and sub-contractors and to promote social dialogue worldwide.”

 Jocelyne Andreu, Secretary of the Renault Group Works Council, said: “It is on behalf of all Renault group employee representatives worldwide that I am signing this agreement – and not without a feeling of pride. It is the result of several months of discussions and it symbolizes mature employer/employee dialogue. I am sure that its implementation will be a powerful lever for progress and success for the company and its employees.” 

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