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25 May, 2012The Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with Swedish-based company SCA was signed on April 15, 2004.

The agreement cites adherence to the Core Conventions of the ILO on workers’ rights, and states that such standards “should guide SCA’s activities and its relations to the employees.” It also includes language in which the company will inform sub-contractors and licensees of the agreement, and that it will encourage such parties to comply with the same standards.

Other points contained in the agreement:

  • As a minimum, SCA will comply with all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • The firm will strive for continuous improvement to workplace health and safety standards, as well as environmentally responsible behaviour;
  • SCA will strive toward full non-discriminatory policies including ensuring equal development opportunities exist regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation or disability;
  • The company will provide employees with opportunities to train for job enrichment and increased responsibilities;
  • SCA commits to paying fair wages and benefits according to relevant market standards;
  • The firm will be guided in its operations by provisions of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and
  • SCA supports the effective elimination of forced labour and child labour, and it will make these criteria in the choice and management of suppliers and sub-contractors.

The GFA also contains a process on how disputes pertaining to the agreement will be resolved and all parties will meet annually to review the framework agreement.