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World union leaders discuss future of base metals industries

14 October, 2022On 11 and 12 October, IndustriALL’s Base metals steering committee met online to discuss the future of the steel and aluminum industries in the face of a global crisis.

A trade union guide of practice for a Just Transition

13 October, 2022With the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, IndustriALL is publishing a trade union guide of practice for a Just Transition. The purpose of the guide is to support efforts by IndustriALL affiliates to plan, launch and win a strong Just Transition framework.

How to achieve a Just Transition in Turkey

12 October, 2022A joint workshop of industriAll Europe, IndustriALL Global Union and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation on 4-5 October in Ankara, explored the conditions for a Just Transition in Turkey, a country marked by problematic industrial relations and contradictory climate and industrial strategies. It underlined the need for strong trade union rights, worker involvement and social dialogue to achieve a Just Transition.

Genuine social dialogue needed for a Just Transition in Georgia

6 October, 2022On 1 October, IndustriALL held a National Round Table on a Just Transition to renewable energy in Tbilisi, Georgia, attended by representatives of three Georgian affiliates, leaders of major energy companies and the government.

Global mobilization against inequality on 7 October

3 October, 2022IndustriALL affiliates around the world are mobilizing for a day of action against inequality and for a just future on 7 October.

Solar and battery technologies are changing the employment landscape

29 September, 2022The Just Transition and the Energy Sector initiative provides a platform for unions around the world to exchange information on energy transition technologies and the jobs, skills, markets, investments, and emissions related to them. The ITUC, LO Norway and IndustriALL held a workshop on solar photovoltaic and battery technology as part of the initiative on 26 September.

United for a just future - time to pay up!

28 September, 2022The world is experiencing growing inequality. Unless we take action, we risk losing the gains we have made over the past century. For 7 October this year, World Day for Decent Work, IndustriALL and affiliates are taking coordinated global action to demand a better future.

OECD Steel Committee: workers demand a Just Transition!

22 September, 2022IndustriALL Global Union, industriAll Europe and TUAC call on OECD Steel Committee to take action now to ensure that no steelworker is left behind.

Glencore must be consistent in respecting workers and human rights globally

20 September, 2022An IndustriALL trade union network meeting on 8 September in Johannesburg urged Glencore to be consistent in implementing global policies that protected workers and human rights, community interests, and the environment.

A worker from Madagascar who is part of global efforts to save endangered species

19 September, 2022Environmental workers at mining sites are often on the fringes of mining activities, but with more focus now being given to environmental, social and governance issues, their important work is becoming visible and getting more recognition.