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Indonesia: remember the dead, fight for the living

29 April, 2024On 28 April, 2024 a commemoration event was held in Morowali, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia to honor 21 workers who died in the furnace explosion at PT Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel (ITSS). IndustriALL Global Union and indonesian affiliates participated.

OECD Steel Committee: workers warn of lack of just transition in the industry

26 March, 2024Workers are raising concerns over the lack of a just transition in the steel sector. Global excess capacity keeps rising, due to a combination of irresponsible practices by some major multinational steel corporations and misguided action by some governments who keep expanding capacity rather than investing in the green transition.

Nigerian unions protest increasing cost of living

28 February, 2024On 27 and 28 February thousands of Nigerian workers went on nationwide protests against the increasing cost of living caused by what unions summarize as anti-worker economic austerity measures, that were introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

Mass demonstration at Liberty Steel calls for urgent support amid crisis

22 February, 2024In a display of solidarity and determination, IndustriAll European Trade Union and IndustriALL Global Union marched alongside steelworkers at the Liberty Steel's Ostrava plant in the Czech Republic on 22 February, a mass rally organized by IndustriALL affiliate OS KOVO. This was not just a protest but a powerful statement against the ongoing crisis in the European steel industry, embodied by the dire situation at Liberty Steel.

Iranian workers pause strike as employer pledges to meet demands

6 February, 2024After suspending their strike and then going back on it due to failed promises, Iranian steel workers have again suspended the strike after employers have committed to their demands, which include alignment of salaries with other steel companies, implementation of a job classification plan and reinstating dismissed workers.

Unions from across the globe call for an end to irresponsible management at GFG Alliance/Liberty Steel

6 February, 2024Following a crisis meeting with GFG Alliance / Liberty Steel trade unions from across the globe, industriAll Europe and IndustriALL Global Union – both representing millions of workers in mining, energy and manufacturing industries in Europe and worldwide – are calling for an end to Mr Gupta’s irresponsible management which is putting Europe’s strategic steel production at risk.

Court rules in favour of Indian contract steel workers

6 February, 2024In January, an Indian court ruled in favour of 650 precarious workers employed at Bokaro Power Supply Company when it endorsed the decision of the industrial tribunal granting the payment of attendance allowance from October 2009 onwards.

Union win for Turkish metalworkers amid record inflation

18 January, 2024After months of determined industrial action, Turkish metalworkers have achieved a significant victory during sector-level collective bargaining negotiations. Amidst the nation's economic challenges, including soaring inflation rates, and despite robust profits and record-breaking revenues within the metal sector, workers carried out warning strikes, mobilizations, and various actions.

Austrian unions secure substantial gains in metalworking bargaining round

8 December, 2023Austrian unions Pro-GE and GPA have emerged as winners from the latest round of bargaining in the metal industry. Following an intense battle and the first walkout in the Austrian metal industry since 2018, the unions' concerted efforts have resulted in significant gains for over 200,000 workers across six sub-sectors.

Unions at ArcelorMittal demand that company puts workers first

29 November, 2023Health and safety, undermining collective agreements, lack of investment, weakening social dialogue, precarious and dangerous working conditions were key issues on the agenda at the ArcelorMittal global network meeting held on 16 and 17 November.