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Indian government continues to attack trade union movement

18 January, 2024The reconstituted panel of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) in India excludes the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), a trade union federation comprising of unions affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union.

Sri Lanka: unions protest government’s debt restructuring and labour law changes

25 July, 2023Despite heavy rains Sri Lankan unions held a protest in Colombo, on 25 July, against the proposed anti-worker labour law amendments and domestic debt restructuring plan which involves using the hard-earned provident fund amounts of workers and implementing anti-worker labour law amendments.

IndustriALL executive committee meeting calls for peace and social justice

20 June, 2023IndustriALL affiliates’ response to the global crises of war, inequality, poverty, mass starvation, climate disasters, epidemics, and the increasing violations of workers’ and trade union rights were some of the agenda items discussed at IndustriALL’s executive meeting which was held on 19 June in Cape Town. 200 delegates from 60 countries participated in this meeting just ahead of the Mid-Term Policy Conference which also takes place in Cape Town from 20-22 June.  

Everyone needs social protection

18 June, 2023Social protection is something that everyone should have and includes sick pay, unemployment benefits and injury insurance. Maternity and paternity leave, funds for retraining and properly funded pensions also fall under social protection. The Covid pandemic showed the need for stronger social protection systems. Unions play a huge role in fighting for these rights for workers. 

Morocco: phosphate sector workers benefit from protocol agreement

11 April, 2023Workers’ financial improvement, new social gains like housing and social activities like sport, tourist activities and establishing workers’ clubs are some of the benefits that workers from Syndicat National des Travailleurs de Phosphates - SNTP-CDT will receive. 

French unions keep fighting pension reforms

24 January, 2023More than one million people took to the streets in France on 19 January to protest the government’s pension reform, which includes raising the pension age from 62 to 64. French unions are calling for a second day of strikes on 31 January unless the proposal is withdrawn. 

Public appeal to cancel Sri Lanka’s debt

16 January, 2023Amid the country’s worst financial crisis, IndustriALL’s affiliates in Sri Lanka are demanding that the country’s debt is cancelled.

Workplace health and safety training for BHP workers in Latin America

13 August, 2020In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit Latin America particularly hard, BHP workers in Chile, Colombia and Peru came together for an online workshop on occupational health and safety. The aim was to provide tools to help them to safeguard their right to a safe workplace.

Strike in Chile calling for social change

29 November, 2019In the midst of a social crisis and more than 40 days of protests, Chile held another general strike on 26 November. Protestors are calling for an increased minimum wage, better pensions and job protection, and guaranteed access to health care and education.

Anti-inequality protests intensify in Chile

31 October, 2019More than a million people took part in the biggest demonstration in Chile since democracy was restored. The protestors are calling for an end to the country’s widespread social inequality, and have been out on the streets every day to make their demands heard.