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The fight against outsourcing in Brazil intensifies

16 April, 2015Brazilian workers held a one-day national strike on 15 April in many places across the country to protest at Bill 4330 on outsourcing, which they say threatens workers’ rights and freedom of association.

The Central Única de los Trabajadores (CUT) and other Brazilian trade union centres called on unions to strike and held other events on Wednesday, 15 April. Many aspects of the proposed law threaten workers’ rights. IndustriALL reaffirms its support for its affiliates in the fight against subcontracting in Brazil.

Outsourcing undermines labour rights. If approved, companies will be able to outsource all their activities in all departments and sections. This would put at risk the status of all workers with direct employment contracts because they could be legally replaced by outsourced workers, who would be paid 24.7 per cent less. It would also lead to greater job insecurity because outsourced workers are employed for shorter periods compared to those with a direct formal contract.

Although the Chamber of Deputies approved the bill last week, workers were hoping to delay the process. During the national day of action, workers delayed the start of their shift or held a protest at the entrance to their workplace. Demonstrations were held in Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Brasilia, Río de Janeiro, Curitiba, Teresina, Aracaju and Florianopolis.

This is not the first time that workers have protested against the bill. On 7 April, leaders and activists representing trade unions, federations and confederations took to the streets throughout the country to protest. They wanted to put pressure on members of the Chamber of Deputies to postpone their vote on the bill and hold a more detailed debate, but this did not prove possible. The police violently repressed the demonstrations, detained four people and injured eight others.

This week, the Chamber of Deputies will discuss amendments to the most controversial aspects of the bill and then it will be sent to the Senate. That is why the workers believe this is the right time to take to the streets to put pressure on Congress.

IndustriALL Global Union expressed its total support for and solidarity with the Brazilian workers on their day of action – 15 April. Workers have the right to decent employment and respect for their labour rights, such as health and safety.