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Trade unions urge ILO to intervene in Algeria

24 January, 2023Supported by IndustriALL, IUF and PSI, Algerian trade unions are calling on the International Labour Organization (ILO) to intervene and urge the Algerian government to halt the amendment of legislation impacting trade union rights.

The Algerian government has submitted amendments to law 90/14, which are due to be adopted by Parliament in the next few days. Independent unions have not been consulted by the government, and the changes will have a harsh impact on trade union rights. 

Global unions - IndustriALL, PSI and IUF - together with Algerian unions Confédération syndicale des forces productives (COSYFOP), Confédération générale autonome des travailleurs en Algérie (CGATA), and Syndicat national autonome des travailleurs de l’électricité et du gaz (SNATEG) have sent a joint letter to the ILO calling for their urgent intervention.

The proposed amendments will significantly impact union activities like unions being able to belong to political parties; giving the government the right to refuse union registration without the opportunity to appeal; preventing unions from investing their income or buying real-estate; restrictions of affiliation to international organizations etc. The list is long and makes it impossible for independent unions to operate in Algeria.

“This is the second time in less than a year that the Algerian government is modifying legislation that impacts trade union activity with absolutely no involvement and consultation of unions,”

says Raouf Mellal, SNATEGS.

Since 2019, Algeria’s government has increased repression of trade union rights, making it difficult to organize and to carry out trade union activities. Courts continue to use terrorism charges to prosecute and detain activists from all parts of civil society.

The letter signed by IndustriALL, IUF and PSI says:

“We call on the ILO to intervene very quickly with the Algerian government to suspend the modification of legislation 90/14. The ILO must urge the Algerian government to involve all trade union organizations in a consultation process if it is truly determined to respect its international commitments and to apply the recommendations and resolutions of the ILO supervisory bodies.”